Zuni “Needlepoint” Turquoise Cuff

Zuni "Needlepoint" Turquoise Cuff


This traditional needlepoint bracelet has been crafted by a Zuni artist.  Each stone is hand cut to be very thin, hence the term “needlepoint”.  This is a dying art among Zuni craftsmen due to the difficulty of the work. Numerous pieces of turquoise were cut and set in the sterling silver cuff style bracelet – it is a beautiful piece! The bracelet measures 6  inches from tip to tip. The setting on top measures 2 1/4 inches across.

Bracelet Sizing Guide
Tips to order the proper fitting bracelet:
• Using a flexible tape, wrap it completely around your wrist where the bracelet is to be worn.
• Add approximately add 3/4 inch to 1 inch to the measurement, and that is the measurement that you need.
• Many bracelets are adjustable and can be bent to size, generally Navajo style work.
Bracelets with inlaid stones cannot be opened or closed without potential damage to the stones, so you want the exact measurement needed to fit your wrist. The silver tips can be adjusted for a better fit.