Here we have a couple of new pieces. The top photo is a Zuni Sunface set. The lower picture is  White Buffalo Navajo made, both piece are set in sterling silver. Come and see our new stuff at the Silver Galleon or find us online at

006  Our new shipment of Kicking Bird Pottery is arriving today!  Greg Kicking Bird is a Cherokee artist out of the Chattanooga area, his pottery is made from all natural clay.   He cast pours it into molds he had made, using water from his streams.

All of his pieces are one of a kind, because of his all natural clay.  We have many items, pottery, figurines, crosses, and more!  Check out our website or call to talk to us at 865-436-9607, or better yet stop by and visit us in the Smoky Mountains.


DSC_0180We are stocked up and ready for the up coming 4th of July Weekend with Red Coral,White Buffalo And  Blue Lapis just to name a few hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th  and if your are in the Smokies stop by and see us.

Gary Tucker Knives

thumbnail_FullSizeRenderExclusive hand made knives!  With handles made from Giraffe bone, Oosik, Buffalo horn, Sheep horn, Impala horn, Ivory and more!

Each knife comes with a drift wood stand, made to fit each individual knife.

Stay tuned to find out about our new knives coming in soon!

Smoky Mountains

I drove the mountain route this morning, and I must say that I am glad to live in the Smoky Mountains!  The spring colors are just beginning.  We are starting to see some yellows, greens, reds, whites, and some blues.  The last few colors are even patriotic.  I am proud to be in the mountains and an American.  Heck, sounds like a good title for a song.  I wanted to remind everyone that the web sight runs 24/7 (  Rusty does a great job with it, but the shop has much more to choose from.  We suggest you plan a trip here for some rest, relaxation, and true Native American jewelry and more.  We offer Minnetonka Moccasins, Kickingbird Pottery, Solid Copper Jewelry, Flutes made by Dana Ross, Jon Norris, and Odell Borg, Billy Whitewolf Artwork, and silver work by Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes.  Pop in, we are here everyday.smoky-mountains-photography

Kickingbird Pottery just delivered today by the artist Greg “Kickingbird we have filled the shelves with his beautiful pottery . Stop in and pickup your one of a kind piece of Cherokee made pottery or online at 002

Fall is here we are gearing up for October with New Navajo men and ladies cuffs from some great artist including Bruce Morgan with his unique style if you are in area stop in or at WWW.SILVERGALLEON.COM 003

West Trip

We wanted to inform everyone that we will be closed from April 28th until May 9th, due to Ober’s annual maintenance shutdown. We have a jewelry buying trip planned, so feel free to ask “what is new”. Rusty and I will be working our fingers to the bone, picking treasurers from many artists and traders. Marcia will stay around here, to feed the critters and play with the kids. We will be sure to bring back the best in turquoise from Navajo and inlay from Zuni artists.

We wanted to let all know that our inventory for 2014 is beginning to flow in and I must say that it looks GREAT! Some artists we deal with continue to bring things we are accustom to seeing while others bring us surprises. The detail they offer always amaze me, as my artistic talent does not exist. Pop on the site, or give us a call; we are ready to serve you.

We just received a large pottery order from Kickingbird, remember that every piece is one of a kind. Check out the site, or contact us with questions. Just as a reminder, Kickingbird is a Cherokee artist and he is the real deal. GK4C005