Beginning year 41

Thank you all for continuing to visit our shop! This is the beginning of our 41st year to bring you the best Native American treasures we can find. We invite you to visit our site and look at our moccasin inventory and pick your favorite. We can ship them next day in most cases. Ordering is east, just ad to the cart and follow the directions. Also, we have new silver jewelry, hand made by the Natives from the Southwest. The Navajo, Zuni and Hopi have their own design and one or more should stir your interest. is your site to click, pick and buy from.Baby Moccasins


Come in and see our fall colors. See our TURQUOISE BLUE, our SPINY OYSTER ORANGE, AND OUR CORAL RED. We also have a splash of Boulder Turquoise, with a touch of browns. The Charoite purple is a nice choice, too. All our Native American jewelry work is set in Sterling Silver, yet another fall color to display. A few more stones used would be White Buffalo, Wild Horse, Malicite (green) and Mussel shell in pink, white and yellow. Put some color in your life and we know you will wear it well.

Here is a few pics of the upgrades we made thought some would like to take a look we are very proud  the work we have done and hope you all will like also  tons of new NAVAJO POTTERY,GARY TUCKER KNIVES,  DANA ROSS FLUTES and last but never least NAVAJO AND ZUNI JEWELERY hope to see you all this summer from your friends at the SILVER GALLEON !001 003 008 005

My thanks to Dana for getting us new flutes.  He is very busy and our wait was worth it.  We now have several different keys to choose from along with some cool woods.  Some other new things would be our carpet.  Rusty and I worked our fingers to the bone a few weeks ago, moving everything for the carpet folks.  Holland carpet from Sevierville did a great job!  We also added some new display cases, which gives us the ability to display more choices for you.  I know, more choices can confuse, but it is too cool to have the choice.  Another “new” thing is new Minnetonka moccasins and new sandals.  I would be bad if I forgot to mention the new pottery, jewelry, and Tucker knives.  We love to see you visit us, but the web site is always running.

Yes, it is spring at The Silver Galleon.  Rusty has loaded our web site with several new pieces over the past few weeks, to include watches (links) just in.  Take a look at the Boulder and Charoite, they are awesome!  The mountains are starting to pop with some of their new green color.  Also with the Smokies wakening, the critters should be more visible.  When you visit to look for bears, remember to stop and see us.  This is the first reminder that Ober will be shut down for 11 days, beginning on April 22.  We will be on site doing some upgrades, to include some new carpeting, a few new display cases and general face-lifting.  I trust you will be pleased with our new look.  Another reminder for you is that our Minnetonka Sandals should arrive by mid April.

Snowing in Gatlinburg

This weekend we are having a mild snowfall and the visitors here are having a ball!  Nothing is laying in town, I am sure the higher elevations are seeing some ground cover.  We have had an acceptable year, so far, and have enjoyed our regular guests.  If you have had to stay at home so far this year, plan now for a spring or summer trip to the mountains.  We will be here everyday at 10:00 am, so pop in and say hi.  Until you are able to visit, travel to our website and we hope to help make you smile there as well.  Rusty continues to add new inventory to the site.  We are open to putting on items you are looking for, so PLEASE let us know how we can help.  We just spoke to Billy Whitewolf this week and he should have some new items in the near future.  There is several of his pieces already on the site, under artifacts, so take a look.  Remember, when looking for authentic Native American treasures, put us first on your list.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

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To all of our loyal Silver Galleon Family do not forget your sweetheart this Valentines Day we have loaded the site with something for everyone just check it out for that perfect gift if you do not see what you … Continue reading

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We started adding inventory to our site and I must say that things are looking good.  We have adding some Tucker knives, cuff bracelets from Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni artists.  Rusty has also put on some Zuni hand carved fetishes.  What will be added in the near future are matched sets, flutes, earrings, pendants and more.  We are always looking for ideas on what you want to see, so send us your requests.  Remember, on our site, you can use most major credit cards or use  your PayPal account.

What do you think?

Throughout the course of the shop’s 40 year history, we have overheard a lot of things. Recently we have started paying more attention to folks’ thoughts on the shop. The comments vary greatly, from, “At last, a store that isn’t selling t-shirts,” to “You have the most unique stuff,” to “This is the nicest store in Gatlinburg!”
We were wondering what your opinions and thoughts are. Comment back and give us some feedback on how you think we are doing with our inventory, our customer service, and our website. We look forward to hearing back from you.

2012 Moving Forward

We have finished counting inventory and are moving forward, here at the Silver Galleon, to clean the corners, refill our shelves, and load up our cases with Sterling Silver that has turquoise, coral and other natural settings; made by the Native Americans from the Southwest. The artists are Navajo, Zuni and Hopi silversmiths. Silver is still higher than years gone by, but it has not affected most of our pieces. We continue to be fair with our pricing, as do our artists. This year we boast of starting our 39th year, thanks to all our friends and customers. Our goal this year is to further develop our website and add some new items from other artists. We found a Cherokee carver that will have some work in our shop soon. Andi is doing fine (being pregnant and all), she is a bit tired, but with good reason. Be sure to give us your desires as to what you want to see on our site. It really helps to know what to photo and load. This (January) is a slower month, so Andi will be doing her thing again, soon. THANKS for your support!